It was a regular evening. Sipped hot coffee and idly sat with my mom for a light banter. She didn’t seem to be her normal self and very soon appeared gasping for breath and drained of all strength. Quickly wrapping her in reaths of quilt I rushed her to the nearby doctor who checked her and opined it was general weakness and not a cause of concern. Feeling immensely relieved returned home. Barely had I closed the door I noticed my mom breathing heavily, Getting severe chills and gesturing wildly which I barely comprehend till date.
I rushed her back to doc again who put in the ICU immediately. It was the most traumatic moments of my life. Agony,sorrow,anxiety together numbed me. To make matters worse, my mom freaked out totally and grew belligerent and non- cooperative towards doctors who tried to treat her. The doctors exasperated, directed their helpless ness towards me and directed me to shift her out. That moment defined utter desperation for me. As though she developed sympathy for me my mom calmed down a bit by bit and as a sense of relief just seeped in, she lay cold, lifeless, still….


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