To be or not to be.. That is the question

THAT has always been the question! be it something inconsequential or a life impacting decision, it always has been a ubiquitous, perennially haunting question. This or that.’ which one ‘followed by ‘why not the other one?’.The need to make a choice, always a spoiler. Annoying sense of flickering arises deep down your stomach that the trauma almost seems physical. the pros and cons stage a vicarious dance,feels like a roller coaster once in agony and once in ecstasy, but mostly a mix of the two !!

In spite of well researched statistics to back either view points, the dilemma continues. At times forcing one to make a random choice, invariably left to sulk at leisure.Think from the brain or follow your heart dont work as you are contemplating most of the time – which one the heart? or the brain?

Indecision has its pros though. You become a great critic and bring out all the negative aspects of a decision. you enhance the value of the path not taken by lamenting over it.The associates get on the driving seat, while you slide into the usual reverie.


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